Called to Arms

As any wargamer knows little wars (just as big wars) can be expensive affairs and raising a miniature army or two requires considerable sums of money. Until relatively recently the cost of raising entire armies was largely beyond me due to a lack of funds that could be committed to such pleasures. Consequently, over the years I have often relied on armies made of all kinds of miniatures and these have provided me with plenty of fun games. Metal figures of various sizes and the ubiquitous HaT and Airfix plastic ranges have been utilized to build small armies and detachments. I have also used and retain a considerable fondness for paper miniatures, when they are done well they are splendid little works of art.

Like most wargamers, I have periods of history and armies that I am actively developing and others that are waiting a call to arms. Those presently awaiting “the call” include 30mm Ancients, Colonial and Seven Years War in 30mm German Flats (Zinnfiguren). The Seven Years War project is largely aimed at imaginary wars between fictitious states but using historical units as a basis. It will also include units of 30mm fully round and semi round miniatures. I quite happily play with flats and rounds together, although not in the same unit. Lastly I have 15mm metal Romano British / Late Romans and 15mm Colonials waiting in the wings.

On the active list of current endeavours is the development of my collection of metal 15mm Napoleonic armies and 20mm plastic and metal (1/72) WWII German army. Of these the Napoleonic forces are the ones being most actively developed and consist of a French and allied army, an Austrian army, and a few units of Spanish and Portuguese. I will write more about these in my next post.