It has been a few months since my last post as I generally take a break from martial pursuits over the summer months. However, I have still managed to indulge my interest in wargaming. First off, I have finally completed a German Opel Maultier (the mule of the title) that has been sitting around for ages.
The Maultier (pictured below) is a resin kit that I bought some time ago and which then sat around in a draw for about a year as I am not fond of building vehicle kits. I built and painted it six months ago before finally giving it a coat of matte varnish recently. This particular vehicle will be added to my logistical train and is destined to pull guns for my WWII German force.

Completed Opel Maultier

Completed Opel Maultier

The Opel Maultier was a halftrack conversion of the Opel Blitz truck that was widely used by the German Army in WWII in both the eastern and western theatres. The Germans began to convert some trucks to halftracks in 1942 after their experience in Russia where they found that tracked vehicles coped better with the winter snow and poor roads of Russia.
My collection of WWII armoured vehicles was also increased a few weeks ago by the purchase of two new diecast tanks. The first was a Cromwell Mk. IV that will support my small WWII British force. The second vehicle is a Panzer IV G and will be added to my German army. I have developed quite a decent sized German armoured division and if it ever manages to be fielded all at once is likely to make its opponents quake in their little lead and plastic boots.


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