Napoleonics “Flagged and Flocked”

Some photos of napoleonic miniatures that I have recently completed painting or refurbishing and that have received new flags and basing (Flagged and Flocked). Most of the miniatures are second-hand and veterans of other armies but have now found a home in mine. All of the figures have had either some retouching or total repainting before being varnished and rebased. However a few of the miniatures are brand new and have of course been painted from scratch. These were to fill out otherwise incomplete units. I take great pleasure in buying old and second hand miniatures and giving them a new lease of wargaming life. They represent not only the armies of their period of history but also part of the history of wargaming.

The first photos are of brigaded French line grenadiers in bearskins. The fanion should not have an eagle but I am loath to remove figures that already possess one. So I will pretend that their colonel had deep pockets and provided them with a non-regulation one.

Line Grenadiers 1Line Grenadiers 2

The next images are of Westphalian Guard Jagers, these received very little retouching before being revarnished and based.

Westphalian Gd Jagers 1Westphalian Gd Jagers 2

The third group of photos are of the completed Joseph Napoleon Regiment that I have previously shown on this blog as a work in progress. The miniatures are total repaints and the flag pole is a replacement made of brass wire. The original eagle came broken and I used it to provide one for some dragoons.

Joseph Nap Regt 1Joseph Nap Regt 2Joseph Nap Regt 3

The fourth set of images is of some French light infantry.

French LI 1French LI 2

The fifth and final lot of photos is of French dragoons that I bought from Italy off Ebay. The eagle is the replacement made from brass wire topped by the broken eagle from the figures that became the Joseph Napoleon Regiment.

French Draggoons 1French Dragoons 3French Dragoons 2


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