Moulds Galore


I have never been one to pass up on a sale. So when Prince August had a sale after Christmas, I availed myself of the opportunity to expand my selection of moulds. My purchases were chiefly intended to round out my 40mm generic cavalry for the 18th century. To that end I bought a variant cavalry trooper, a flag bearer, and a mounted officer from the Irish Wild Geese range. I also acquired an extra advancing infantry mould from the same range. Additional moulds do come in handy when casting a lot of figures at the same time.

Officers and infantry.jpg

I also took the opportunity to add a few new fantasy moulds to my growing collection. It is a bit of a random selection involving armoured skeletons, men at arms, and goblin wolf rider moulds.  I aim to use them eventually to cast some basic fantasy armies so I can play some of the rule sets I have picked up over the years.


Prince August recently had another sale and once more I could not pass on the opportunity to add to my collection. So yet again I am waiting in anticipation for still more moulds to come.  In the meantime I have been searching for a new light source to replace the old halogen lamp I used to paint by. It would seem that I am getting ready to start painting again if nothing interrupts.