Paper panzers!

Over the summer period, I had something of a clean out and a re-examination of my hobby stuff. It prompted much thought about how I should proceed with it or whether I should simply get rid of everything. I also gave consideration to replacing most of my stuff with Wofun Games laser cut Peter Dennis miniatures. I spent quite a bit of time perusing and pondering the English Civil War, Jacobite, and Zulu War flats. I was, and still am, extremely tempted by them. I didn’t, in the end, draw any real conclusions other than that I should bring what I have to a usable state and that I would need to make lots of compromises to achieve that end in my lifetime. However, I did get rid of a couple of paper armies that hadn’t been used for many years.

I first threw out my old paper dark age armies as they were greatly faded and last saw action seven years ago. Then, I threw out my 15mm paper WWII German Army that included infantry, artillery, and tanks. Most of the army had never been used and simply sat around in a tin for years, and I have a sizeable WWII German force in 1/72. The reconnaissance section, however, did see action once, sometime around 2007. I was somewhat sad to get rid of them, particularly the horse-drawn artillery, but I couldn’t see any point in keeping them. I did make sure to take some photos and have posted them here for posterity.

Paper Germans.

German infantry units.

German artillery.

German odds and ends.

Paper panzers.

German horse-drawn artillery.

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